6 feb 2021
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What's better then 1 Jet Power Flip Car? Simple its 3 JET POWER FLIP CARS! Watch how me, frenchie & lemon destroy every police officer. We had so much fun with this. Also pay attention to the video edit & let me know what you think about it!
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  • Long live frenchie

    Shahmeer KhanShahmeer KhanDag sedan
  • Franchise is funny like you SEworldr

    HB GamerHB Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • Sun is down freezing cold my dog would probaly do it 4 a lousvutton belt that shit all he know he dont know nothin else i tried to show em AYE THIS A PICK AND ROLL LA FLAME HE A SIVKO MODE (idk travis his lyrics anymore so imma do this): have me up like a like aye yuh like a like aye yuh (2×) shawty in the back bla bla bla bloop omg black and marie im f*China madet i cant fgckin speek

    Asaitie CelitaAsaitie Celita6 dagar sedan
  • Were is trey

    Charlotte HoltCharlotte Holt7 dagar sedan
  • What is officer French Yt

    SeeMe ISOSeeMe ISO8 dagar sedan
  • Good video elanip. 😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton8 dagar sedan
  • Put a jet engine on the 360 flip car

    TheStrikerJr 3451TheStrikerJr 345112 dagar sedan
  • Yeetus yeetus commit self deletus

    G BoeveG Boeve14 dagar sedan
  • I literally watch ur videos for hours at a time.. so cool. So addictive.

    Usay UwannitUsay Uwannit15 dagar sedan
  • How dare you hit that supra disrespect and that police car turned into spiderman and wall drove

    The_AssasinationThe_Assasination16 dagar sedan
  • :) 11:29 the supra got sent to another dimension!!!

    Amber LynnAmber Lynn18 dagar sedan
  • What is this editing it to zoomed for you

    Dennyontoast ytDennyontoast yt18 dagar sedan
    • Zoomer

      Dennyontoast ytDennyontoast yt18 dagar sedan
  • Frenchie is hilarious

    Kris SkitzKris Skitz18 dagar sedan
  • what about 3 of the round thingys

    Swo XYSwo XY18 dagar sedan
  • LMAO He said "it it beautiful" also I'm holding my breath until elanip responds

    Austin MarshallAustin Marshall19 dagar sedan
  • Yeah he changed up his editing a bit but it kinda funny 😂👍

  • At 5:03 the indescribable poopy maneuver

    Jalen KlootwykJalen Klootwyk20 dagar sedan
  • Can u get trey back

    JHM JHMJHM JHM21 dag sedan
  • You are best big ❤ for you love your work 💪❤

    NG ArmyNG Army21 dag sedan
  • Frenchie really needs to get another car, he's driving a Renault

    epic gamerepic gamer22 dagar sedan
  • The fretful tent osmotically blind because step-daughter basally tie failing a political recess. fascinated, adaptable parrot

    Erina LeeErina Lee23 dagar sedan
  • What about a group of 360 flip cars

    bob botbob bot23 dagar sedan
  • Do more iron man

    Michael ManningMichael Manning23 dagar sedan
  • Whats that music in the back of the video i feel soo child like 😂😂

    Death StrokeDeath Stroke23 dagar sedan
  • hi poopy! Today is my bday :D

    Dev_YupDev_Yup23 dagar sedan
  • Do it with a spike strips

    Maxmilian PropperMaxmilian Propper23 dagar sedan
  • In 10:12 he said the N word 😂

    Yourmad 1502Yourmad 150224 dagar sedan

    Gabriel JohnsonGabriel Johnson24 dagar sedan
  • anyone else notice "hey what's up guys welcome back to a another video" lol

    boogyboogy24 dagar sedan
  • Sorry Elanip u lost a day 1 subscriber I’m sorry but the cops do too much fail rp

    Fatal ClanFatal Clan24 dagar sedan
  • Irish calling u a pu33y 🤭🤭 we all know who the real one is 🤠

    Jeager XJeager X24 dagar sedan
  • He got a new editor💯💪

    Johnnyrov777 777Johnnyrov777 77724 dagar sedan
  • What a nice editor for u elanip.. hey editor keep editin for elanip!

    NICK SirNICK Sir24 dagar sedan
  • I do be liking the editing tho 🤣🤣

    The_ Bru.h1The_ Bru.h124 dagar sedan
  • Elanip editing is funny We are back with a another video

    Code One GamingCode One Gaming25 dagar sedan

    Erick VargasErick Vargas25 dagar sedan
  • do you have a new editor? or just changing the editing up a little bit?

    ryne2bryne2b25 dagar sedan
  • Wait did French come to the dark side?

    Robert SwiftsRobert Swifts25 dagar sedan
  • réclamez votre billet avant q quelques millions de vues ici .. seulement .. quelques likes?

    z_xagger roblox Nicholasz_xagger roblox Nicholas25 dagar sedan
    • english version, clam your ticket before a couple million views here only.. costs.. a few likes?

      z_xagger roblox Nicholasz_xagger roblox Nicholas25 dagar sedan
  • Woah the videos are more edited than normal

    Monko GamesMonko Games25 dagar sedan
  • this was a really good episode we should bring it back but with the round ramp car also & takeover the city

    mxccjaymxccjay25 dagar sedan
  • I was just walking him

    Minecraft Challenger Pro 08Minecraft Challenger Pro 0825 dagar sedan
  • Do you know the French guy has a SEworld channel

    Minecraft Challenger Pro 08Minecraft Challenger Pro 0825 dagar sedan
  • so frenchie join

    Chase BronsonChase Bronson25 dagar sedan
  • I really don’t like this editing

    LoxpyLewyLoxpyLewy25 dagar sedan
  • I don’t like the new editor because random stuff just shows up on the screen and I don’t like the text

    SxshaSxsha25 dagar sedan
  • Please reduce the editing. For some reason I Iike the old way better. lol

    TøxicEłîtêTøxicEłîtê26 dagar sedan
  • Try The Verlier and escape from popo

    Muhammad IqlilMuhammad Iqlil26 dagar sedan

    PERKEY iamPERKEY iam26 dagar sedan
  • With bullet proof tires

    Javier PolancoJavier Polanco26 dagar sedan
  • U should please do 3 flip cars with spike strips at the tip

    Javier PolancoJavier Polanco26 dagar sedan
  • I need some tip on becoming a SEworldr plzs it will help me alot

    AbwavyAbwavy26 dagar sedan
  • 🥖 🇫🇷

  • Hey mate do 4 360 degree flip cars see how that turns out!!!!~

    Kevin BarentineKevin Barentine26 dagar sedan
  • i’ve been always wondering who is mr red

    thomas buckthomas buck26 dagar sedan
  • 3 360 ramp cars?

    MattmaxTTV NAMattmaxTTV NA26 dagar sedan
  • Yaya I've havnt seen you in a good mood in a while

    lostned damnedlostned damned26 dagar sedan
  • Sicko Mode!!! 😂

    Gamer 47368Gamer 4736826 dagar sedan
  • Could you do 3 360 ramp cars tomorrow is my birthday

    The ShieldsThe Shields26 dagar sedan
  • Okay how about this try five

    ninetanineta26 dagar sedan
  • Flip a BAGUETTE.....Flip Car.....Flip Lemonade

    ItzShadeXd YTItzShadeXd YT26 dagar sedan
  • "I give him food"

    Simple GuySimple Guy26 dagar sedan
  • yes officer its stock.

    HD FurryHD Furry26 dagar sedan
  • I love this editor

    Fernando SchumansFernando Schumans26 dagar sedan
  • The edits!

    Hydro BeastHydro Beast26 dagar sedan
  • Spiked jet flip cars.

    simsmiithsimsmiith26 dagar sedan
  • Does it annoy anyone else that he gets a new editor... and that editor is so lazy they can't even spellcheck the fist 10 words they add to the screen. It definitely adds a nice new flair but damn. For over 2 million subs I know I'd be going over every detail I added on screen. " a another" just put "aaaaaa nother one" Lol ocd

    Ryan WoodRyan Wood26 dagar sedan
  • renault megane man be funny

    l bonkzz ll bonkzz l26 dagar sedan
  • Next: 3 360 jet flip cars destroys cops + SPIKES

    Péter BesenyeiPéter Besenyei26 dagar sedan
  • Elite: we we bitches

    Jayden SealeJayden Seale26 dagar sedan
  • Elanip:every thing is ok Elanip:Gets flat tire in 1st 2 seconds

    Jayden SealeJayden Seale26 dagar sedan
  • I like how Elite is like pull the fuck over and is like i will end you and Elanip flips around hits him and all you hear is oooooohhhhhh shhhhhhiiiiit

    Jayden SealeJayden Seale26 dagar sedan
    • Did Elanip like my comment??

      Jayden SealeJayden Seale25 dagar sedan
  • Do a group of 360 ramp cars with the spike strips and jet engine

    da waeda wae26 dagar sedan
  • Elanip tell the editer I said great job and can you post a pic of your kill feed on RP. On ig and @me @Jayden_seale_

    Jayden SealeJayden Seale26 dagar sedan
  • Editing evolved

    Ezra IntiaEzra Intia26 dagar sedan
  • Nice edits my boa (some edits are funny as ur life) sorry for the roast.

    GALaxy 888GALaxy 88826 dagar sedan
  • You should use the vigilante in a later video

    Connor bingConnor bing26 dagar sedan
  • elanip should add spike strips on them again and get the group together, therefore maybe the video would be cool.

  • The way tht cop landed was crazy tht was a 50/50 chance of him landing the way he did tht was crazy and the best thing I've seen lol

    Grizzly AddamsGrizzly Addams26 dagar sedan
  • Love the new edita

    supreme Cjsupreme Cj26 dagar sedan
  • what is the name of the song at 4:08

    Charlie AnderssonCharlie Andersson26 dagar sedan
  • now do it with the 360 ramp car

    Gražina GarbuzienėGražina Garbuzienė26 dagar sedan
  • frencheiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Dovydas CreatorDovydas Creator26 dagar sedan
  • So we not gonna talk about the shirt

    Razs PlaysRazs Plays26 dagar sedan
  • UhM- New editor i guess

    Christopher RobinsonChristopher Robinson26 dagar sedan
  • me realizing that the flip cars are from fat and furious 6

    shrimp Nuggetsshrimp Nuggets26 dagar sedan
  • congrats on 2 million subs dude keep up the good work :D!!

    LastGen- HopeLastGen- Hope26 dagar sedan
  • Pigs can fly

    NoahishNoahish26 dagar sedan
  • i killed a supra. but launches a cop twice as high but doesn't notice.

    Michael SMichael S26 dagar sedan

    Anderson ReyesAnderson Reyes26 dagar sedan
  • :7993_AmongUsTwerk:

    SkullioSkullio26 dagar sedan
  • Cop: Oh, It's you again. Elanip: yea Also Elanip: seat belt boys. : )

    Keith SiskoKeith Sisko26 dagar sedan
  • When you saw the supra just going off in the distance

    ElitesoldierElitesoldier26 dagar sedan
  • love these videos

    Wolf Killer PlaysWolf Killer Plays26 dagar sedan
  • Jet engine submarine car

    Refentse MRefentse M26 dagar sedan
  • Jet engine submarine car

    Refentse MRefentse M26 dagar sedan
  • Jet engine submarine car

    Refentse MRefentse M26 dagar sedan
  • Jet engine submarine car

    Refentse MRefentse M26 dagar sedan
  • Jet engine submarine car

    Refentse MRefentse M26 dagar sedan
  • Jet engine submarine car

    Refentse MRefentse M26 dagar sedan