3 feb 2021
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I take out this strange looking drag car for some fun on the streets. I was able to get in to some high speed chases with the cops. Even had a pretty impressive escape. Later on we even get a group together and take a few of these things out. I don't think many of us escaped.
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  • 4:06 is funny

    BOXU LINBOXU LIN2 dagar sedan
  • 5 seconds into it and he got bustd

    Anurag KushwahaAnurag Kushwaha7 dagar sedan
  • Plz get a nw house

    naasir amodnaasir amod9 dagar sedan
  • Good video elanip.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton9 dagar sedan
  • #########

    Haylie BrokawHaylie Brokaw17 dagar sedan
  • 👋👋👋👋😱

    Haylie BrokawHaylie Brokaw17 dagar sedan
  • Kill teray

    Haylie BrokawHaylie Brokaw17 dagar sedan
  • Love your vids wap

    Haylie BrokawHaylie Brokaw17 dagar sedan
  • “Hey what’s up guys” always makes my day better

    Olivier WesolowskiOlivier Wesolowski17 dagar sedan
  • Im big fan

    filex _ytfilex _yt19 dagar sedan
  • That is slow

    NG ArmyNG Army19 dagar sedan
  • Where’s treyten?

    Trae StationTrae Station20 dagar sedan
  • The lame governor ultimately depend because rainbow phytogeographically jail anenst a busy objective. drunk, anxious grandson

    Timothy AsdentTimothy Asdent24 dagar sedan
  • elanip imm your biggest fan ad im young

    Aden ApodacaAden Apodaca25 dagar sedan
  • Arrested the first minute XD I thought he could never get arrest in just one minute

    Pro craftPro craft26 dagar sedan
  • The devel plus flip car

    chomperjr34chomperjr3427 dagar sedan
  • so i asked my mother and she said she felt nothing :D

    {AWG}Darkbolt{AWG}Darkbolt27 dagar sedan
  • ELANIP don't get me wrong love ur vids all but can u just make one video that u don't get involved in the cops with a super cool video

    Ty EvansTy Evans27 dagar sedan
  • Why did they block off the parking lots in leagin square?

    Instead redneck Gen z hereInstead redneck Gen z here27 dagar sedan
  • Put a ramp on it

    Lxl 9 InchesLxl 9 Inches28 dagar sedan
  • Anyone notice how the Ai car went 170+

    Wild JohnsonWild Johnson28 dagar sedan
  • 8:57 I like how he slided across the floor on his butt then the car ran him over

    HbGamingHbGaming28 dagar sedan
  • that guy was red dead

    dabz 155dabz 15528 dagar sedan
  • 2mil congrats

    RayerfyRayerfy28 dagar sedan
  • hay eanip this is my second tiem posting to asking u this my b day is this coming mondey im turning 15 can u make a a drag vs cops an can u use the drag pontiac u havent sed it in sooooo long an u can u doi a rag race from legion sqeuir to poleto i think that would be a dope vid if anybvidy else likes this idea pls likethis coment an show it soem support

    Tyler HelmsTyler Helms29 dagar sedan
  • Tyron

    mark schultzmark schultz29 dagar sedan
  • Where is Joey and Trey? There are better to fuck around with and funny

    Jeremy PJeremy P29 dagar sedan
  • is this regular gta 5?

    Daniel HerrenDaniel Herren29 dagar sedan
  • I love how he has to steal so many cars cos he crashed the previous one. ♥️

    wolfwolf29 dagar sedan
  • Can I join your crew?

    Crystal YoungCrystal Young29 dagar sedan
  • Did you get that 24 gricks

    Aobakwe NtswengAobakwe Ntsweng29 dagar sedan
  • Those were slower than I thought they would be but you still made it a good video

    Brody MorrillBrody Morrill29 dagar sedan
  • "it Drives like a sandwich" 8:20 is the funniest thing ive heard all day

    Ace Of SpadeAce Of Spade29 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on 2mil boi 😝

    SHUAIBAAN ShibaanSHUAIBAAN Shibaan29 dagar sedan
  • congratulations 🎉 on 2mill

    almightyjaydik.almightyjaydik.29 dagar sedan
  • Bro your vids are amazing but u can’t drive now gonna lie

    Reece KenisonReece Kenison29 dagar sedan
  • Audi gang where y’all at

    Refentse MRefentse M29 dagar sedan
  • This vid was a banger as usual

    Cooper BatsonCooper Batson29 dagar sedan
  • please can you d a vid where you just stick to the rules and see how log it takes till the police try to pull you over

    Aston Martin FanAston Martin Fan29 dagar sedan
  • At the start I actually asked my mother lol

    Rave LogicRave Logic29 dagar sedan
  • Im waiting for Elanip CyberPunk 2077 Redline RP

  • The street car is faster than the drag lmao

    polar instinctpolar instinctMånad sedan
  • my moms dead

    Ansel ChamplinAnsel ChamplinMånad sedan
  • I like how he calls u nips😂

    Validmerks_YTValidmerks_YTMånad sedan
  • I can’t even express how much Elanip has gotten me through... thanks man all the love from New York.

    Tom DrumTom DrumMånad sedan
  • What happened to your driving??

    Anthony PeguerosAnthony PeguerosMånad sedan
  • Congratz on 2 mil didn’t get to catch much of the stream but u definitely deserve it

    Dugg DaGodDugg DaGodMånad sedan
  • i ask my mom and she said oh he got the big big

    Michael LopezMichael LopezMånad sedan
  • We’re still waiting for the episode where he gets pulled over 😂😂😂

    Emph K33FEYEmph K33FEYMånad sedan
  • Says roleplay but I dont see any roleplay being done

    Donovan SparksDonovan SparksMånad sedan
  • 8:57 Imagine dragging your ____ a quarter (of a quarter) mile across the pavement at 100 miles per hour - *Opie death/ouch sound effect*

    GolemDudeGolemDudeMånad sedan
    • Don't fill in the blank with any 3-5 letter words

      GolemDudeGolemDudeMånad sedan
  • He is hilarious

    Theodore FeltonTheodore FeltonMånad sedan
  • thos things drive like sandwiches

    Justice BacoJustice BacoMånad sedan
  • lol not even 1 minute in and ur arrested @Elanip

    xbox:selecteage8530 1v1xbox:selecteage8530 1v1Månad sedan
  • Plesse

    Disc on LinearDisc on LinearMånad sedan
  • Elanip can you please do a cop vid with treyten or something okz

    Disc on LinearDisc on LinearMånad sedan
  • My mom has problems down there

    Bugsy GarzaBugsy GarzaMånad sedan
  • From zero to surrounded by the cops in 1 min and 26 seconds I think that's a record for you. L(° O °L)

    Zoron StillwaterZoron StillwaterMånad sedan
  • Tyrone is the best

    Scooby SnacksScooby SnacksMånad sedan
  • Congrats on 2 mil

    Coby SmithCoby SmithMånad sedan
  • Yo I love your vids

    Logan RobertsLogan RobertsMånad sedan
  • Add jet power to ecaspe cops easy

    cuteslimeboy 100cuteslimeboy 100Månad sedan
  • Can you please tell us where Trey went

    Ya YeetYa YeetMånad sedan
  • hey love the vids

    Visor Frosty girlYTVisor Frosty girlYTMånad sedan
  • I've been subscribed for 2 years

    Jack HarveyJack HarveyMånad sedan
  • 2 mill lets goo

    zavery martinzavery martinMånad sedan
  • When she says it's her first time 6:03 😂

    Yash ShettyYash ShettyMånad sedan
  • The well-groomed margaret july regret because collision ontogenetically question amid a melted plant. typical, gamy meteorology

    evan griffithevan griffithMånad sedan
  • Bring evil Tesla back when I sing this video I had chills running up my spine while watching that I was getting hyped watching it

    Player RPlayer RMånad sedan
  • Poopy pants bring back evil Tesla Atwell f*** everybody on the server up mainly the cops you know that as well as I do that's program kill all mankind

    Player RPlayer RMånad sedan
  • More Cop Opie

    John PozerskiJohn PozerskiMånad sedan
  • Hey can you do another dirt bike ride out vid please ♥️❤️♥️❤️

    TrezinTrezinMånad sedan
  • Congrats on the two mill I was on the stream the other day keep up the good work

    Alec ChartersAlec ChartersMånad sedan

    Sascha SpasicSascha SpasicMånad sedan
  • U should do an new vid on elanipextra

    jack knightjack knightMånad sedan
  • Good job on 2m let's hope you get to 2.5m bye this year

    Jessica MartinJessica MartinMånad sedan
  • You got 2mill yes man 2mill suprise just saying

    9eleven 9999eleven 999Månad sedan
  • Does hood sounding guy have a channel

    Sour MangoSour MangoMånad sedan
  • Congratulations on 2 mill subs

    LIONLIONMånad sedan
  • Elanips real name is Elans Andrevis

    Landon FreemanLandon FreemanMånad sedan
  • Idea: can you use the drag Pontiac

    Ameer BurtonAmeer BurtonMånad sedan
  • Play iron man endgame script mode

    just for funjust for funMånad sedan
  • Congrats on 2m🐐🐐

    Ds DarkDs DarkMånad sedan
  • Wait did u build my lego car in real life bc I have a car that looks like that in lego

    joshj 53joshj 53Månad sedan

    Yt_ kosmagelasYt_ kosmagelasMånad sedan
  • My mom is dead

    Andy BAndy BMånad sedan
  • hey Opie when are you gonna show the ramp car that you did with havoc ???? pls and pls ;)

    Mohamed AliMohamed AliMånad sedan
  • Wheres Trey, opie

    Matthew HendersonMatthew HendersonMånad sedan
  • ELANIP DO 40 foot hummer with monster wheels

    Keith PollardKeith PollardMånad sedan
  • Hey mr poopy pants u should do the drag lambo

    Lawsen DorowLawsen DorowMånad sedan
  • Loooooook he hti 2 milll. We gotta celebrate diss shit fuq yeahhhhhhh

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  • I love the when I check the subs it just says 2 mil

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  • Can you do a fake ded in front off cops

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  • Every cop in redline foocking pool ova naw

    Master SensayMaster SensayMånad sedan
  • Congratulations on 2 million subscribers

  • HI HIT 2 MIL!

    Jordan GarrardJordan GarrardMånad sedan
  • Can we appreciate how slow that was for a dragster lol elite and his mustRAM kept up just fine

    Lewis DelmontLewis DelmontMånad sedan
  • First ten seconds ........ gets arrested

    Hunter RuettenHunter RuettenMånad sedan
  • Ramp drag car

    LittlejtLittlejtMånad sedan
  • 2MIL!!

    Green heist GamingGreen heist GamingMånad sedan