GTA 5 Roleplay - Playing Without Breaking Any Laws | RedlineRP

10 feb 2021
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SO this was a strange request. But some one mentioned this to me in Livestream and I though why not lets try it out. Here is me playing some RedlineRP with out braking any laws. Well I try my best to not break any laws.
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    wolfmanwolfman2 dagar sedan
  • please do more its intertaining

    Lorena GalvezLorena Galvez3 dagar sedan
  • I'm waiting for Part 2 😂

    unDetectedunDetected3 dagar sedan
  • early GANG i am watching in 2021 march 2nd

    Buari MubarakBuari Mubarak4 dagar sedan
  • who else tapped to see how much time is left when he said “thanks for watching” at the beginning

    Trevor HartmanTrevor Hartman5 dagar sedan
  • Rip walter

    Casual _mainCasual _main5 dagar sedan
  • Is there rp servers for console?

    LiFeIsFuNLiFeIsFuN6 dagar sedan
  • I what to see MMOOORE!!!!

    john greferjohn grefer6 dagar sedan
  • At the end instead of continuing to run from the cops he should have pulled up to the station walked in and found a cell and seen what the officers would do lol

    Dylan CollinsDylan Collins6 dagar sedan
  • Good video elanip.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton8 dagar sedan
  • This was hilarious to watch, usually Elanip breaks the law E.G speeds kills cops all of the above, but I saw the title I was like (bruh, this ain’t happening)

    Bumblebell07 stream mod. 2nd accountBumblebell07 stream mod. 2nd account8 dagar sedan
  • It is illegal for him to not break a law

    Sulayman BahSulayman Bah9 dagar sedan
  • That with me

    Rosanna PaceRosanna Pace9 dagar sedan
  • Never Seen Ah Karen In Ah Game Well Look At That My Bucket List Is Lookin Goood Indeed Juh Need To See A Kangaroo Riding Ah Shark

    MOB BloodMoneyMOB BloodMoney9 dagar sedan
  • Elanip :excuse me officer what the fuuu “Cough cough i mean what are u doing”

    Micah DirksMicah Dirks9 dagar sedan
  • Host a car meet in an intersection

    Alexander LampingAlexander Lamping10 dagar sedan
  • you should tell them you have a bomb on ur car and if it gets damaged it explodes use ur fucking brain

    rudy Padillarudy Padilla11 dagar sedan
  • The titel should have been: the local city Karen

    DjFlip OfficialDjFlip Official11 dagar sedan
  • That was funny as can't wait to see another like this

    OoktooK 2OoktooK 211 dagar sedan
  • You selling tacos 🤣🤣🤣

    Billy JonesBilly Jones12 dagar sedan
  • Can i get a yeeyee

    TheOfficial MalakiasTheOfficial Malakias12 dagar sedan
  • I honestly thought their was a engine in the back round at the beginning of the video lmao.

    Paarth SinghalPaarth Singhal12 dagar sedan
  • The longing michael muhly behave because radish spindly carve round a available steam. legal, dirty rule

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez14 dagar sedan
  • You was supposed to not brake any law hey😂💯

    Bluo3Bluo315 dagar sedan
  • Finnaly 👌

    sandrine dalfaratsandrine dalfarat15 dagar sedan
  • My man turned into a karen.

    Chris CaseChris Case15 dagar sedan
  • i just love how he was acting like a "Karen" for the part of the video golden moment

    Tay’rel ThompsonTay’rel Thompson15 dagar sedan
  • Make another one of these 🙏🏼

    Rikus SchwartzRikus Schwartz15 dagar sedan
  • 20:40 so it's a stealth ramp car?

    TheButterZoneTheButterZone16 dagar sedan
  • EEEWWWWW YOU BECAME A KARIN 😱😱🤮🤮🤮🤮 but jokes aside this was a BANGER

    Evan JordanEvan Jordan16 dagar sedan
  • Count how many times he says ‘really”

    Agent KevinAgent Kevin16 dagar sedan
    • Atleast 5

      Gustavo MontalvánGustavo Montalván6 dagar sedan
  • Lol it's like Karen's in gta

    MikaMika16 dagar sedan
  • Elanip being a Karen! XD

    MatheusMaticsMatheusMatics17 dagar sedan
  • 4 laws broke, parking less than 15 ft from an intersection X3 Parking in front of a fire hydrent X1 hit and run X1

    any one of usany one of us17 dagar sedan
  • My last brain cells are confused and just died and i forgot how to blink and breathe because of the confusion brought by poopy

    mikey zgamemikey zgame17 dagar sedan
  • He's being a Karen 😂

    Ben SmithBen Smith17 dagar sedan
  • more more more more more

    Christopher FarrerChristopher Farrer17 dagar sedan
  • 420 Dislikes at this time.. Nice?

    ddragontrainerddragontrainer17 dagar sedan
  • Why 420 dislikes

    Emory GamingEmory Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • Why was this so funny! xD

    KevvEhKevvEh18 dagar sedan
  • So Good

    Aariyan HaqAariyan Haq18 dagar sedan
  • U forgot 1 law MASKS

    Bedirhan HalisdemirBedirhan Halisdemir18 dagar sedan
  • He is doing what opie does best

    Ross GrangerRoss Granger18 dagar sedan
  • Better title: snitching on people who do illigal things Elanip does every day

    LotusLotus18 dagar sedan
  • Wow I really really really reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally like this

    Analiza VenezuelaAnaliza Venezuela18 dagar sedan
  • You were breaking the law by not pulling over when asked :))

    Frozn ColorsFrozn Colors19 dagar sedan
  • Best criminal ever to the biggest snitch ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂✌🏽😂

    Dwayne LeeDwayne Lee19 dagar sedan
  • Love the vids daddy

    Jayden ReederJayden Reeder19 dagar sedan
  • Self Defense 😅😅🤣

    Income 2.0Income 2.019 dagar sedan
  • Make a vid about when you rob a bank use yourself as a hostage

    Zavion MorinZavion Morin19 dagar sedan
  • Once I ran from harbor to a police station in the middle of the map it took a while

    Gk RamosGk Ramos19 dagar sedan
  • The speed limit in cities are 50 and on highways 90-110 Also u cant turn left/right when its red

    ProSpectProSpect19 dagar sedan
  • The fact u dont know how to walk in the street makes me feel like ur weigh 600kg and live in ur moms basement

    ProSpectProSpect19 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Opie: how does crossing the street work?

    Kayde RobKayde Rob19 dagar sedan
  • I think I found elites yt channel. I think it’s gaming6000

    Claudia NamuClaudia Namu20 dagar sedan
  • gta but you call cops on random people

    king Tayshaunking Tayshaun20 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe how hard it was for them to stop you being a persistent law abiding citizen xD

    , I left you a comment., I left you a comment.20 dagar sedan
  • Get people to do crimes for you while watching from the sidelines

    , I left you a comment., I left you a comment.20 dagar sedan
  • He said being good feels good. We all know the world is ending now.

    Zero-FantasiesZero-Fantasies20 dagar sedan
  • DO MORE plz i loved it :)

    TheRockyGoose 14TheRockyGoose 1420 dagar sedan
  • 3:00 karen mode enabled :D

    Proxy waysProxy ways20 dagar sedan
  • He’s gonna be the known snitch in town 😂

    JacksFactsJacksFacts20 dagar sedan
  • when you press the like button before you even starting the vid

    PsianaPsiana20 dagar sedan
  • Break as many laws as possible in the next vid pls

    Liam HumphriesLiam Humphries20 dagar sedan
  • 5:20 Big Karen of the year

    Sin TSin T21 dag sedan
  • This whole video just made me think of a Karen

  • I like that one

    Odin SuttonOdin Sutton21 dag sedan
  • Explode the police station and troll them by Getting getting 20 of the same people as you

    Giovanni RodriguezGiovanni Rodriguez21 dag sedan
  • i like when you get in trouble

    Romeo SmigielskiRomeo Smigielski21 dag sedan
  • Honestly wouldn’t even mind if you made a part 2

    JerkySprite TVJerkySprite TV21 dag sedan
  • Hey i tried to join your discord but it work

    Stephanie BarraganStephanie Barragan21 dag sedan
  • These are the best videos ever!

    Aaron JacksonAaron Jackson21 dag sedan
  • Yes

    Mason HareMason Hare21 dag sedan
  • How much rlly I heard LIKE 2000000000 rlly's

    maria Salasmaria Salas21 dag sedan
  • 9:32 lol lmao

    G FlamesG Flames21 dag sedan
  • really really really really really really really really

    logan everslogan evers21 dag sedan
  • When you realize this is the only one where he didn’t say it’s gonna be chilled one but it was the most chilled he has ever been

    The Phantom PandaThe Phantom Panda21 dag sedan
  • Please

    footballer 27 36footballer 27 3621 dag sedan
  • Do more

    footballer 27 36footballer 27 3621 dag sedan
  • Yes

    footballer 27 36footballer 27 3621 dag sedan
  • Just a video how Karen lives her life

    Grant BradfordGrant Bradford21 dag sedan
  • 13:30 your snitching like 69 🤣 just telling on every one

    blunt forceblunt force21 dag sedan
  • Bro Karen of the day

    Gaming with JackGaming with Jack21 dag sedan
  • Elanip, do this video with Trey. :D

    Marten LaitusMarten Laitus21 dag sedan
  • Very entertaining!

    LolaPaw333LolaPaw33321 dag sedan
  • His intro really huh really really appreciate the offer but

    Lee MutleyLee Mutley21 dag sedan
  • The worse of elanip🤣

    renz2swagduprenz2swagdup21 dag sedan
  • he sounds like a karen xd

    Enhad BerbicEnhad Berbic21 dag sedan
  • Should do a different character for following laws.

    Errol BeilbyErrol Beilby22 dagar sedan
  • Elanip: TRYIN NOT TO BREAK LAWS THIS IS GONNA GO GOOD Treyton: This is gonna go great everytime i saw that it goes horribly wrong

    Kendall HartleyKendall Hartley22 dagar sedan
  • Yes. Plz more

    Rosco JRosco J22 dagar sedan
  • What laws are they following? American? European?

    ZakTheBuilderZakTheBuilder22 dagar sedan
  • “I can turn left on red” you can only turn right on reds🤣🤣🤣

    Jordyn ErvinJordyn Ervin22 dagar sedan
  • The Male version of Karen Kaiden...

    ZakTheBuilderZakTheBuilder22 dagar sedan
  • The only vid where if he wasn't special he wouldn't of gotten banned...

    ZakTheBuilderZakTheBuilder22 dagar sedan
  • KAREN 2.0

    jonathan telesjonathan teles22 dagar sedan
  • He's like a gta Karen. Lmao 😂

    xXAshxsXxxXAshxsXx22 dagar sedan
  • elanip no braking rules he turns in to a karen

    jon keelingjon keeling22 dagar sedan
  • Do a Bugatti flip car jet car

    Jesus PerezJesus Perez22 dagar sedan
  • I love how he still manages to get arested

    zerocrayzzerocrayz22 dagar sedan