GTA 5 Roleplay - 1000 CLONES BANK ROBBERY | RedlineRP

31 jan 2021
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We are back with some more clones! This time we have more clones and more robberies. We are going to try to make some money with these clones. I even enlisted the help of a few guys to help me. It worked quite well.
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  • ????????💰💰

    Alex Hill friddAlex Hill fridd8 dagar sedan
  • Good video elanip.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton9 dagar sedan
  • bruhhhh wtf that shit is not a fuckin 1000

    LixツLixツ15 dagar sedan
  • I think i just saw sirens 😂😂

    Jacob DearingJacob Dearing21 dag sedan
  • The well-groomed crayfish subjectively fade because cooking definitely reign upon a womanly cough. bright, yummy carriage

    Erina LeeErina Lee21 dag sedan
  • Can u try to make a million clones and take over the police station

    Tifani PottsTifani Potts23 dagar sedan
  • 2 MIL!!!

    Jack ZippJack ZippMånad sedan
  • Think the clones are killing him

    Ian BarronIan BarronMånad sedan
  • everytime i think it cant get better he comes with a new better silly idea haha

    00FireFlyer0000FireFlyer00Månad sedan
  • 1000 colnes ? its only like 12 lol tf xD

    Mikkel frederiksenMikkel frederiksenMånad sedan
    • @shiloh ? yes but im not Proud it was like 2-3 years old

      Mikkel frederiksenMikkel frederiksen28 dagar sedan
    • Bro look at youre profiel pic is that you

      shiloh ?shiloh ?28 dagar sedan
  • Got my plushes thank you they are sick as hell love em!!! Glad I got a couple actually bigger than I thought they would be as well 10/10 should do some merch cough unhappy lil peep hoodies cough cough or something like that

    Frosty GamingFrosty GamingMånad sedan
  • Notice on this video when he is driving the video quality is not at 360p but 720 or 1080

    boom boomboom boomMånad sedan
  • Instead of clones just get tons of people so the think their clones

    Austin CraycraftAustin CraycraftMånad sedan
  • 1000 Clones? Yeah seems like.

    Andri OravAndri OravMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: u cant see sirens

    Veiksu 9Veiksu 9Månad sedan
  • Quote of the day: i think i just saw sirens

    Veiksu 9Veiksu 9Månad sedan
  • 2 million gang!!!!! You are so close to 2 million keep up your great work 😃😃😃

    Even FurlandEven FurlandMånad sedan
  • Naruto be like😂

    Jeirus DelrosarioJeirus DelrosarioMånad sedan
  • He matched he car

    Mina AshidoMina AshidoMånad sedan

    T2G_Dab YTT2G_Dab YTMånad sedan
  • Wait what sorry I brain lag

    Tristan YZYTristan YZYMånad sedan
  • Imagine if the whole los santos would be filled from so many clones of Elanip!!😱😱

    mubashir Imranmubashir ImranMånad sedan
  • He did shadow clone jutsu

    WeGodz FNWeGodz FNMånad sedan
  • You should try see if they could all fit in a bus

    Isiah WhitbyIsiah WhitbyMånad sedan
  • That'll be cool if they can attack and use guns

    SANSANMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Allahjuan BlockerAllahjuan BlockerMånad sedan
  • When you shot buy police do not said nothing

  • can you make videos longer plz we love them so much

    Jacob AvilaJacob AvilaMånad sedan
  • I could not stop laughing when he was looking around places with the flashlight when its light out

    braktime braktimebraktime braktimeMånad sedan
  • This is a quiz question for Opie. What is the best American truck brand???

    Taten the product reviewerTaten the product reviewerMånad sedan
    • The answer is chevy

      Taten the product reviewerTaten the product reviewerMånad sedan
  • I love your videos your videos are really good sometimes my mother to take that off because you’re so inappropriate but I still watch it sometimes I get in trouble by watching you

    Fabio MontrondFabio MontrondMånad sedan
  • Almost 2mil!! Congrats

    TheKillerCrumTheKillerCrumMånad sedan
  • So close to 2 Mill

    BrysonsuxBrysonsuxMånad sedan

    Pravab KandangwaPravab KandangwaMånad sedan
  • @elanip when is ur live

    Vicki WatsonVicki WatsonMånad sedan
  • Do a bounty on treyten and get it

    Nathan HenryNathan HenryMånad sedan
  • Give Elanip that 2 mil subs

    Bxrknt -Bxrknt -Månad sedan
  • Elanip 1.99M subscribers

    Estela AlvaradoEstela AlvaradoMånad sedan
  • Hey where is trey?

    Joseph SmithJoseph SmithMånad sedan
  • You should let them arrest you when you have all your clones following lol

    Kawika SmithKawika SmithMånad sedan
  • Lol McDonald’s road man

    tj the sweattj the sweatMånad sedan
  • Cloning machine: How big of a blood bath would you like??? Opie: Ummm... YES!!!!!

    hhusky boi gaminghhusky boi gamingMånad sedan
  • You should put a lift kit a big one on the super long limo to see how it goes

    Austin LAustin LMånad sedan
  • Is treyten okay he hasnt posted on youtube a long time and instagram

    Carla ProCarla ProMånad sedan
  • Almost a 2 million

    Aydan GambleAydan GambleMånad sedan
  • I got u bro I'm ur 2MILLIONTH sub

    XintaPlayzXintaPlayzMånad sedan
  • how far away are you from 2 MIL

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  • For 2 mill subs you should do a compilation of hey....what's up guys

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  • Next vid flipcar with havoc frenchie and lemon

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  • do 360 flip car gang vid

    Braxton MeredithBraxton MeredithMånad sedan
  • The Opie Holocaust

    Keanan De KlerkKeanan De KlerkMånad sedan
  • 1000hp go kart vs cops

    Marcelino CadrechaMarcelino CadrechaMånad sedan
  • About biggest tank again

    Zulgis CalisthenicsZulgis CalisthenicsMånad sedan
  • Make next video about mega tank please

    Zulgis CalisthenicsZulgis CalisthenicsMånad sedan
  • can you make a "GTA 5 Roleplay - I BUILT CUSTOM Bulletproof Military car & COPS HATED IT | RedlineRP"

    OscarOscarMånad sedan

    Luis CorderoLuis CorderoMånad sedan
  • Elanip should do A video stream with the Jet Powered Bike again, That was funny, And BLOW THEM UP AGAIN You should also team up with Elite Again, That was another good one

    Michael ThompsonMichael ThompsonMånad sedan
  • ALMOST 2 MIL SUBS or did just people un subed and you already reached 2 mil subs

    Ronan Eli G. TomasRonan Eli G. TomasMånad sedan
  • Mcdonald's Road man 😂😂 Toggle

    Young Mafia_officalYoung Mafia_officalMånad sedan
  • Elanip: calls McDonald’s road man/toggle want to do a bank robbery Toggle: / McDonald’s road man yea why not

    Laura CrockettLaura CrockettMånad sedan
  • clones

    Irisole2342Irisole2342Månad sedan
  • do this again but since the cops like to chase you get a recording of someones voice or have them use a recording of your voice

    riley groschriley groschMånad sedan
  • Can you do more heist like this

    Bradley PARKER-BRAYBradley PARKER-BRAYMånad sedan
  • 1:40 dog: help my please

    Vo ThuyVo ThuyMånad sedan
  • for Minecraft tips and tricks go to google classroom and join the class bxtfvgb

    David PagesDavid PagesMånad sedan
  • 2 mil by tomorrow or bust

    Reece ConnorReece ConnorMånad sedan
  • 1.99m subs

    Tim HenleyTim HenleyMånad sedan
  • 290 clones

    Marc GrenadyMarc GrenadyMånad sedan
  • So close to 2 mil

    SammylureSammylureMånad sedan
  • so close to 2 mill

    ClikvClikvMånad sedan
  • Increase the amount of 'smart' clones...and maybe have them standing all around, and not just all inside the bank, but aswell as on the other side of the road on top of a building sniping the cops....or rocket the cars the cops are using.

    The UnTrustableThe UnTrustableMånad sedan
  • No

    Raza AliRaza AliMånad sedan
  • Love it!!!! More

    tyeical feartyeical fearMånad sedan

    Zeyad EmamZeyad EmamMånad sedan
  • Whats the server name

    Melvin07 The mekanikerMelvin07 The mekanikerMånad sedan
  • Some day the clones will be smart.

    Dee WatsonDee WatsonMånad sedan
  • make clons of car a sel them

    Morgan McClimansMorgan McClimansMånad sedan
  • Can you make your clones shoot pls

    Faye ColemanFaye ColemanMånad sedan
  • elanip clone jutsu

    Michelle HillardMichelle HillardMånad sedan
  • 2mill subs soon

    SHADYSHADYMånad sedan
  • Another hitman vidddd

    049 A.L049 A.LMånad sedan
  • 17:53 Elite: fu*ck your kids 😂

    Isaic RedimarkerIsaic RedimarkerMånad sedan
  • 2 mill on the way 🔥🔥🔥

    shawn tvshawn tvMånad sedan
  • this thing is telling a lie ist not 1000 clones ideots

    Zaidan AlizadaZaidan AlizadaMånad sedan
  • Elanip where is zateesh?

    Ultimate WarriorUltimate WarriorMånad sedan
  • What city u born?

    Ralfs ŠūbaRalfs ŠūbaMånad sedan
  • Get Him to 2 mil boyz

    Zeeshan LatifZeeshan LatifMånad sedan
  • Can u do more of these halarious

    Bobby WardBobby WardMånad sedan
  • Elite won

    Elite ForceElite ForceMånad sedan
  • get this guy to 2million

    Miguel ChapmanMiguel ChapmanMånad sedan
  • GO LIVE!!!!!!!!

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  • Can you please do literally 1000 clones at once?

    Ryan RansomRyan RansomMånad sedan
  • You should do this again. But say you work for a condom company and there all the returns

    Adam CrowleyAdam CrowleyMånad sedan
  • See if you want the clones to actually attack people for you, you need the give less weapons mod and peds riot mod and have it to where you can turn the peds riot on and off so you can choose when they suddenly just start blasting people.

    Zachary PendragonZachary PendragonMånad sedan
  • Day 15 of asking Op to try become police officer as old man Philip.

    Moe LesterMoe LesterMånad sedan
  • Where is kingcam?

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  • Comment number 1000🥴🥴

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  • Elanip what happened to trey

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  • 0:47 makes me chorny

    PatekPatekMånad sedan
  • 2 million

    Nasle sikukutuNasle sikukutuMånad sedan