GTA 5 Roleplay - I JOIN SWAT ON HUGE RAID | RedlineRP

9 feb 2021
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This was great fun! I was able to join the SWAT team on some HUGE raids they had going on. We hit multiple locations. Now we didn't win all of them but had some sweet shoot outs. Hope you like the video let me know if I should join some more SWAT raids in the future.
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  • Dumb subtitle: swat: swap, swan

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  • Sitting on the chair part made me die 😂

    PPPotatowolfPPPotatowolfDag sedan
  • SWAT stands for special weapons and tactics

    Rachel ValeichRachel ValeichDag sedan
  • S.W.A.T stands for Special Weapons And Tactics

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  • SWAT= special weapons and tactics

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  • Swat= Special weapons and tactics

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  • SWAT means special wepons and tactics

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  • S.W.A.T = Special Weapons And Tactics

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  • Good video elanip.😃👍

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  • swat stand for special weapons and technics

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  • SWAT: special weapons and tactical unit

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  • swat means special weapons and tactics

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  • SWAT means special weapons and tactics

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  • I just love how he said legal murder here I come 😂

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  • “special weapons and tactics”

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  • Special weapon attack team

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  • swat stand for Special Weapons And Tactics

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  • S.W.A.T stands for Special Weapons And Tactics

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  • Lol I like how all the intense music stopped right when the swat member decided to get money 💰 😅 out of his account 😅 🙃 🤣 😂 😄 😆 😅 🙃 🤣 😂 😄 😆

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  • Lol I like how the swat was like we gonna hire Opie he top criminal number 1 on the list so they were like ima hire Opie 😂 🤣

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  • Lol The swat member getting his money 💰 out while he on a mission 🤣 😂

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  • why does that guy sound like the COD guy.

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  • Elanip I have a question how do you know Latvian I'm just asking cuz I'm Latvian and I've been watching for a while

    Bot in latviaBot in latvia20 dagar sedan
    • Jooo I didn't know you were Latvian čau kā tev iet anglijā

      Bot in latviaBot in latvia20 dagar sedan
  • Bruh S.W.A.T stands for "Special Weapons And Tactics"'

    Max MillerMax Miller21 dag sedan
  • you should join the army on the next video but instead of a normal video make it into a dog fight just like the endof the world type.

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  • SWAT meas special weapons and tactics

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  • SWAT stands for Special weapons and tactics

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  • What a sad swat team May the Lord be with you next time

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  • Part 2

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  • it means Special Weapons and Tactics

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  • SWAT SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICS. Its a PARAMILITARY force that shouldn't fucking exist to take down our own people.

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  • Keep up this content

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  • Swat standard for special weapons and tactics i belive. I am not so good in English.

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  • Poopy: I need some motivation Police Chief: You can keep the meth if you win Also poopy: *goes super saiyan*

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  • Special weapons and tactics.

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  • Swat stands for special weapons and tactics

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  • S.W.A.T stands for special weapons and tactics

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