26 jan 2021
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This thing was so much fun to use. I was able to really take out a large group of cops. When there was to many cops I was even able to swap seats and get on the big boy turret. Epic vehicle for a heist getaway.
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  • Do more videos with the hood niggas please its too funny

    Ultimate BerserkerUltimate Berserker5 dagar sedan
  • This is what Deadpool's ideal taco truck would look like.

    Just RelaxJust Relax8 dagar sedan
  • Good video elanip.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton10 dagar sedan
  • Armoured truck gang against the whole city?

    Bruh KBruh K14 dagar sedan
  • yes add a rocket booster to the armored van.

    Joann BouchaJoann Boucha14 dagar sedan
  • My favorite officer is officer frenhie😂😂

    i_luv_bionic ii_luv_bionic i24 dagar sedan
  • When u tell her I've bitched people around :

    Jeager XJeager X25 dagar sedan
  • Opie is kind of savage

    richard davisrichard davis26 dagar sedan
  • Put a ramp on the back so when they try to ram u they flip over u

    Mike MMike M27 dagar sedan
  • I put captiOns on whilst he was speeking hood and i just read gibberish for the first time loooooool

    Hello ThereHello There27 dagar sedan
  • lol all u see is da guy dipping in 11:41

    Shiloh JenkinsShiloh Jenkins28 dagar sedan
  • 7:56 sounds like franklin

    Javier OrdonezJavier Ordonez29 dagar sedan
  • It's a crazy one, love it!

    Enzo BritsEnzo Brits29 dagar sedan
  • These white boys are going all in on their roleplaying huh.....

    Derek FernaldDerek Fernald29 dagar sedan
  • How do you role play with other people???

    jarrod hinklejarrod hinkleMånad sedan
  • when he trys to talk hood

    jay fernandezjay fernandezMånad sedan
  • 8:27 i choct on my food

    Zahur AbdinurZahur AbdinurMånad sedan
  • Yo I when’s to the shoe club and i sall u know what

    Isaac buteauIsaac buteauMånad sedan
  • I was the fucking ems that got recked

    SpoxzSpoxzMånad sedan
  • Plz do another vid with da hood homie

    Jdmr34fanboi DrifterJdmr34fanboi DrifterMånad sedan
  • lspd hellicopter

    Alex Vanderberg064Alex Vanderberg064Månad sedan
  • i loved the stealing the lspd vid

    Alex Vanderberg064Alex Vanderberg064Månad sedan
  • elite sucks do you agree

    Alex Vanderberg064Alex Vanderberg064Månad sedan
  • I’m dead when he said I’ll put it on ya mommas ass😂😂

    Shea MawhinneyShea MawhinneyMånad sedan
  • call somone to be on a gun on top of

    Dino DžinovićDino DžinovićMånad sedan
  • Took "put it on the hood" literally LMFAO YAAS

    TheButterZoneTheButterZoneMånad sedan

    Tony.___. 3xTony.___. 3xMånad sedan
  • Soo much of ohh shit moments 🤣

    b3njo 1337b3njo 1337Månad sedan
  • You should get the vamuflge mod on it

    Deon DallowDeon DallowMånad sedan
  • YESSSS! 10K MORE SUBS. Let's get elanip to 2.00M (Edit) Stop using Treys music you can't use it unless ur playing with TREY.

    lava lordlava lordMånad sedan
  • shoulda said cosplay

    Sleep Is For The GuiltySleep Is For The GuiltyMånad sedan
  • why did he jump when the the car landed?

    MR RandomMR RandomMånad sedan
  • I made it 2 days after it was posted.

    Eunice huicochEunice huicochMånad sedan
  • I am new here ,but elanip makes the best content ever.

    Abdullahi AderintoAbdullahi AderintoMånad sedan
  • When elite pit manovred poppi elite said uh-oh I died

    Tyler RathbunTyler RathbunMånad sedan
  • where did u get ur lambda and simple trainer ?

    sobhannsobhannMånad sedan
  • you should do more videos with those guys

    Drease WileyDrease WileyMånad sedan
  • Why did he just leave the truck

    Alicia JuarezAlicia JuarezMånad sedan
  • Hmm that reminds me of the ice cream truck from twisted metal

    JB_outdoorsJB_outdoorsMånad sedan
  • Your videos are awesome I watch them everyday

    Valerie NelkieValerie NelkieMånad sedan
  • Use the giant tank cause it came reccomended from after 3 years ITS A SIGN USE THE GIANT TANK

    DaUglyBoiDaUglyBoiMånad sedan
  • Make this thing rocket powered

    Isaac MoralesIsaac MoralesMånad sedan
  • I always love hearing the screams from elite

    Nighthawk 009Nighthawk 009Månad sedan
  • uhh your wife lol

    Jayce ReynoldsJayce ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • You should put spike strip on the little ramp

    Àlek HernandezÀlek HernandezMånad sedan
  • anybody listen to elanip ring tone on his phone

    Jesus Vazquez-HerreraJesus Vazquez-HerreraMånad sedan
  • Armor truckrocker booster *YES*

    Alex GamerDgAlex GamerDgMånad sedan
  • but get every cop on you if you can

    CODY TCODY TMånad sedan
  • you should put some sticky grenades on all the pd cars. then get into a chase and then explode the cars.

    CODY TCODY TMånad sedan
  • 13:49 Imagine you crash into a flying car then see that thing go by

    Anonymous UserAnonymous UserMånad sedan
  • 2:17 police car perfectly parked.

  • Same idea I want it to a jet engine. 👇like and reply with an “agree” so opie can make his devil van crazier.

  • I swear those 3 gang members made the video 10 times better

    Chonky BoiChonky BoiMånad sedan
  • Next video, jet powered flip truck

    Chonky BoiChonky BoiMånad sedan
  • Yes rocket launcher

    ArfanshahArfanshahMånad sedan
  • Not just rocket at back you need a bigger ramp and spikes traps tide to it

    Alex YeAlex YeMånad sedan
  • Can the make a Nahla video with this Vehicle

    Chase JohnChase JohnMånad sedan
  • 12:56🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • What if you do everything what they say like get out and be nice..?

    Zulgis CalisthenicsZulgis CalisthenicsMånad sedan
  • Who else comes here to watch GTA roleplay because they don't have a PC to play it

    Tech WorldTech WorldMånad sedan
  • Can u do a 360 ramp car video again pls

    Wut is my life?Wut is my life?Månad sedan
  • Flip 12

    Dayna GarriquesDayna GarriquesMånad sedan
  • Had 2 watch this couple times this is great 👍🏼

    Anton LeBlancAnton LeBlancMånad sedan
  • We need a rocket

    Anthony GreenAnthony GreenMånad sedan
  • U know when cop os in tje title otd good wait all of his vids

    Elinip is my DadElinip is my DadMånad sedan
  • Elanip what is the name of the song you use in the background?

    SAVAGE_BOY _9SAVAGE_BOY _9Månad sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍love it

    Gregory GamingGregory GamingMånad sedan
  • Love this video

    Gregory GamingGregory GamingMånad sedan
  • Told u tank with 2 jet engines

    Jonathan HeedJonathan HeedMånad sedan
  • This is the amount of times they said "shit" 👇

    Martyn ByrnesMartyn ByrnesMånad sedan
  • Elanip should do a group of people with that truck that would be deadly☠️

    BWG AidenBWG AidenMånad sedan
  • These wheels tho

    Thorben GaschlerThorben GaschlerMånad sedan
  • Plz let me drive one of these with you 😂😂😂 let's get it brutherrrr

    WesleyWesleyMånad sedan
  • Cool car

    Jacob StumpJacob StumpMånad sedan
  • car car

    Jacob StumpJacob StumpMånad sedan
  • Elanip plz put the truck a rocket booster on it 😏

    Felecia GrimbleFelecia GrimbleMånad sedan
  • you need to get those guys in more videos lmao

    TrippyTrippyMånad sedan
  • Do it like they do it in the hood...

    M MadnessM MadnessMånad sedan
  • I kinda reminds me of the tnmt car they drove the ninja turtles car was the shit it reminds me of it

    Grizzly AddamsGrizzly AddamsMånad sedan
  • video idea: use a grappling hook to rob the maze bank

    f1ngsf1ngsMånad sedan
  • Pls do the world’s biggest tank👋

    Adrians ArmansAdrians ArmansMånad sedan
  • where irish at if you know what I mean the dynamic duo

  • Get a arena truck full uphrade

    muertimu muertemuertimu muerteMånad sedan
  • Lol it looks like it’s made out of sheet metal

    Lxl 9 InchesLxl 9 InchesMånad sedan
  • bro we know whats next spike stirps and jet

  • Id love to see jet truck

    Jodie JarvisJodie JarvisMånad sedan
  • Can u plz do a police drag car

    John CarlenJohn CarlenMånad sedan
  • Can you bring back the horror videos with treyton from 3years ago?

    Downy-yDowny-yMånad sedan
  • You should have trey on the gun

    Aidan FTWAidan FTWMånad sedan
  • Is that tyronneeeee?

    grantley poolegrantley pooleMånad sedan
  • You stole sweet tooth from rocket league

    Zac GilsonZac GilsonMånad sedan
  • More Cop Opie

    John PozerskiJohn PozerskiMånad sedan
  • Can you put a jet engine on it?

    Michael Plays!!Michael Plays!!Månad sedan
  • Omg u actually used the truck

    Gamer_ BoiGamer_ BoiMånad sedan
  • “I think I got all the homies killed as well” 😂

    raba650raba650Månad sedan
  • Do a zombie apocalypse video please

    lil c the sweatlil c the sweatMånad sedan
  • yo two vid ideas so Lamborghini seon u put the ramp car Idea bullet proof window rows of spike trip covering the tires And then u rob a bank using a insurgent with some other people and u switch the engine with a Bugatti or a Lamborghini

    fulfarfulfarMånad sedan
  • Elanaip rs7 probably has a rocket engine

    George HunterGeorge HunterMånad sedan

    Me deb ;-;Me deb ;-;Månad sedan

    Colton HanesColton HanesMånad sedan