12 feb 2021
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We going to try to take every car we see. The first thing that I lay my eyes on is the one I am taking. We ended up getting a few cars but because they was not smart jobs I ended up losing quite a few of them. We did get that pretty nice truck and the end. We keeping that baby.
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  • 0:54 *this car is legendary*

    Stefan4324Stefan4324Dag sedan
  • Meeee

    Faze EliteFaze Elite3 dagar sedan
  • Nice police escape elanip well done that was so cool to watch.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton3 dagar sedan
  • Good video elanip.😃👍

    Callum BurtonCallum Burton3 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    628me!!628me!!10 dagar sedan
  • Wow. He actually committed grand theft auto in grand theft auto

    Sulayman BahSulayman Bah10 dagar sedan
  • I was watching since u did the mega ramp with a face cam like 3 years ago

    Trey WattTrey Watt11 dagar sedan
  • You should do drag races like u used to

    Seth BurrellSeth Burrell12 dagar sedan
  • make a video were you get in a cop chase and everytime you get hit you moan :)

    Logan PriceLogan Price15 dagar sedan
  • Toggle is Kenny in RP

    D mans BloggingD mans Blogging15 dagar sedan
  • when he says bmw i hear a L

    junior gonzalezjunior gonzalez15 dagar sedan
  • That lambo was asome

    Melissa KiernickiMelissa Kiernicki16 dagar sedan
  • My mouuth is watering f how long it’s been open from being surprised of how bad opine is and how good trey is Oops after I watched the poopie maneuver I change my mind

    Tristan LoftsTristan Lofts16 dagar sedan
  • Dumbest idea ever

    Bryan JohnstonBryan Johnston17 dagar sedan
  • Yo that's cool he met corpse

    GetGood PlayzGetGood Playz18 dagar sedan
  • Heeeeeeeeeey what’s up guuuys

    Lucas BennettLucas Bennett18 dagar sedan
  • lol he hide in bush

    Kara BrownKara Brown18 dagar sedan
  • Wait😧 was that really corpse??

    Nick SkullyNick Skully18 dagar sedan
  • Just play normal gta and no roleplay. I am bored of this stupid mod

    Pineapplecurds 3Pineapplecurds 318 dagar sedan
  • The cop who's just moaning lmao

    SavageGamerYTSavageGamerYT18 dagar sedan
  • He is russian

    Master PlayUaMaster PlayUa19 dagar sedan
  • *18:47** when karma hits you hard*

    Tho masTho mas19 dagar sedan
  • Bruh at. 18:55 he said hey man you like cocaine 🍃

  • 11:51 kinda sus bro

    Sean FloresSean Flores19 dagar sedan
  • I swear he saiid Lamborghini semen

    Daryl OlsonDaryl Olson19 dagar sedan
  • Love the vids daddy

    Jayden ReederJayden Reeder19 dagar sedan
  • "Roses are red" "Violets are blue" "I just got click baited" "And so did you" This was only about the thumb nail Elanip is a realy good content creator

    Blake AubreyBlake Aubrey19 dagar sedan
  • The owner of the blue truck is corpse? Killer

    UnstopableGamer101UnstopableGamer10119 dagar sedan
  • why do you always get a pistol when you can have a uzi?

    Sally AdermannSally Adermann19 dagar sedan
  • 18:55 I love the gta drivers

    Kevin StubbsKevin Stubbs19 dagar sedan
  • I think I found Elites yt channel. I think it’s gaming6000

    Claudia NamuClaudia Namu20 dagar sedan
  • you know what they call the fib in real life federal burial idiots

    nickawsome coolnickawsome cool20 dagar sedan
  • 16:25 intentionally polecatting it to close the door? Genius.

    TheButterZoneTheButterZone20 dagar sedan
  • 11:50 that’s a little sus

    Rylan ΨRylan Ψ20 dagar sedan
  • part schue

    Dimitrius Vladimir DharmaDimitrius Vladimir Dharma20 dagar sedan
  • Is there anyway to join the rp

    Jared GreenJared Green20 dagar sedan

    MrVlogSirMrVlogSir20 dagar sedan
  • Why does email play great end outro music as his background music?

    EliProKillaEliProKilla20 dagar sedan
  • Heeeeey 🥰🥰🥰🥰what's up guuuuys , 🥰🥰🥰welcome back to 🥰🥰🥰🥰 A another videooooo. 🥰🥰🥰

    Koppány HorváthKoppány Horváth20 dagar sedan
  • Was that actually corpse?

    Shawny PlayShawny Play20 dagar sedan
  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that never gets old

    Mike ShrekouskiMike Shrekouski20 dagar sedan
  • Its easy. I see a Sian in the thumbnail, its on Elanips channel, i click

    David ValdezDavid Valdez20 dagar sedan
  • Opie: baguette back in there 😆 🤣 😂

    Isaac WaddingtonIsaac Waddington20 dagar sedan
  • You know the vids gonna be good when Opie crashes a helicopter and steals a bike within the first 30 seconds

    Sam SSam S20 dagar sedan
  • i was triggering the cops then i watched opies video

    Oh yea Mr. KrabsOh yea Mr. Krabs20 dagar sedan
  • I wanna play gta rp with you so bad but I don’t have a pc do you think you could help me out??pls

    Skyler CaseySkyler Casey20 dagar sedan

    Zach WoodsZach Woods20 dagar sedan
  • Do more cop videos

    Jonny CageJonny Cage20 dagar sedan
  • Elanip can you being back the drag videos

    cj jcj j20 dagar sedan
  • haha! my bike is slow!

    ToggleRPToggleRP20 dagar sedan
  • 7:37 lay down lay down lay down his character : *dies epicly*

    A4 BikerA4 Biker20 dagar sedan
  • Wow hi

    cj gamingcj gaming21 dag sedan
  • What happened to Trey he has not posted in over a month

    Tyler KhumaloplayzTyler Khumaloplayz21 dag sedan
  • Is treyten ded?

    [KD]King Dragon[KD]King Dragon21 dag sedan
  • Can you use the jet powered lambo to destroy elite

    Nic ToddNic Todd21 dag sedan
    • Next video

      Nic ToddNic Todd21 dag sedan
  • Irish: moans Opie: oh wow daddy Me: lmao

    Margarita PedregalMargarita Pedregal21 dag sedan
  • Corpse plays on RedlineRP?

    KittyKitty21 dag sedan
  • i dowt you. do some more videos with trey the little terd nuget princ poop

    Sawyer WilsonSawyer Wilson21 dag sedan
  • Corpse? That’s cool honestly

    Fluffy 3Fluffy 321 dag sedan
  • You should do a video of just pissing off joey or elite

    Ronealers HRonealers H21 dag sedan
  • The RP community seems to be full of Cop Bating

    Jason DiNovoJason DiNovo21 dag sedan
  • even tho the video is setup its still funny

    Younis SalehYounis Saleh21 dag sedan
  • thats corpse?

    Eric BardenEric Barden21 dag sedan
  • 11.49 daddy lol uh

    Anna SchmidtAnna Schmidt21 dag sedan
  • 🤣😂😂

    Caleb GardnerCaleb Gardner21 dag sedan
  • Steel all of trey gays cars🐴mask freak

    Caleb GardnerCaleb Gardner21 dag sedan
  • i heard a moan 12:00

    Lovely TimanaLovely Timana21 dag sedan
  • 11:49

    Lovely TimanaLovely Timana21 dag sedan
  • 11;49 AM I THE ONLY PERSON that heard daddy and oh my god

    Lovely TimanaLovely Timana21 dag sedan
  • Dude that was corpse

    はい habebeはい habebe21 dag sedan
  • 11:50 wtf was that irish

    jmoneyjmoney21 dag sedan
  • Its a speed glich

    ty manty man21 dag sedan
  • Keep pooshing flip botton

    ty manty man21 dag sedan
  • You should do a car crash rolplay but no breaking the law

    Zenos VaimaugaZenos Vaimauga21 dag sedan
  • Hey that guy stole that car that is not his car that is Opie or elanip car that car he got from the day he had a drag car then made it to a big nice truck then where a zombie stuff then untile the live stream that he made that truck was out so that guy stole that truck. There was no one in the city who had that truck just elanip so he stole it found it the last part of it is not that good we have seen that truck

    Ibeth Ramirez lunaIbeth Ramirez luna21 dag sedan
  • I liked how the guy in the last knew that opie was gonna rob his truck and instantly just ran away😂😂

    Nathan De cruszNathan De crusz21 dag sedan
  • can you play with the phantom wedge

    jeffy jjeffy j21 dag sedan
  • Is this Five m

    Bike Bro’sBike Bro’s21 dag sedan
  • I'm sorry elanip I'm slacking on your vids

    2 Hunnid Cawn2 Hunnid Cawn21 dag sedan
  • Elanip : Cya later fucker Also Elanip : *Crash into a wood fences*

    Audio DjAudio Dj21 dag sedan
  • Good Fucking Content Bro☝️✅, Every Day I Watch Your Videos To Relax Or Calm Down. Keep Up The Work Cuhh🔥😈

    AndresFiveTv HDAndresFiveTv HD21 dag sedan
  • What happened to trey he has not been posting

    Cameron HouserCameron Houser21 dag sedan

    Asly UsAsly Us21 dag sedan
  • What do you do to make your videos so dam good

    Jeffrey HarveyJeffrey Harvey21 dag sedan
  • Where is Trey!!! Is he dead 💀 😭

    Liam WaltersLiam Walters21 dag sedan
  • Where is trey

    ozix FNozix FN21 dag sedan
  • i love elanip and all but sometimes he steals cars from really nice people and thats a little to mean ngl

    YoungifyYoungify21 dag sedan
  • Me

    Maria FernandezMaria Fernandez21 dag sedan
  • Do a video where you put a 20 mil bounty on Frenchie

    FreshFresh21 dag sedan
  • ❤️

    Le ProfLe Prof21 dag sedan
  • I think this is a good video idea for you Opie On your next video get like 3-4 people with you and 2 people Rob a dealership and the other 2 people pretend to be cops and go to the scene of the crime and chase them out all the way to like 3 miles away I don’t know if I made sense at all , please try it out

  • Nice vid man

    Kelly SmithKelly Smith21 dag sedan
  • wap

    Landon VeitzLandon Veitz21 dag sedan
  • Ur getting banned bro any body wants u on redline but greats vídeo bro

    Patricia MoralesPatricia Morales21 dag sedan
  • Is that actually the real corpse

    REXY 123REXY 12321 dag sedan
  • Annoy you and your videos call them dirty

    Eli IsgayEli Isgay21 dag sedan
  • The cops when they pull opie over: can I get air one and backup please

    SageSage21 dag sedan
  • You shouldn't shot him just wait for a minutes before you leave.

    John BravoJohn Bravo21 dag sedan
  • Oh yeah daddy

    Guns Allowed In ClassGuns Allowed In Class21 dag sedan
  • I didn't know corpse does rp on GTA 5

    Joshua BacarroJoshua Bacarro21 dag sedan