GTA 5 Roleplay - $1,000,000 BOUNTY HUNTERS HUNT ME | RedlineRP

19 feb 2021
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Well I am no surprised. They finally sent some bootyhunters after me. These loser chased me all around the city and would not leave me alone. Here is what went down. I think in the end I was able to take care of the problem.
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  • trash

    GT Skeptical StreamsGT Skeptical Streams13 timmar sedan
  • "iM cLiNbInG SoMe StAiRs" *ladder be like tf u call me?*

    Subaru TachibanaSubaru TachibanaDag sedan
  • 7:07 Him: *walks in water with Jordan's* Me: OMG STOP WALKING!

    I_KING_OF_U_KI_KING_OF_U_KDag sedan
  • Anyone know what jeeps those are

    Saucy PewsSaucy Pews2 dagar sedan
  • Just how my daddy jacksepticeye says it SPEED IS KEY

    Frenchie From redlineFrenchie From redline2 dagar sedan
  • I I can think of at 18:13 is [POLICE ASSAULT IN PROGRESS // POLICE ASSAULT IN PROGRE] Its a PAYDAY reference (The music)

    HunkuschunkusHunkuschunkus3 dagar sedan
  • All that matters is that I’m alive

    Jeffrey HarveyJeffrey Harvey4 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why there are warrants on my arrest-rams biker-

    cool guycool guy7 dagar sedan
  • Dud I was in The jep

    Hunter GulledgeHunter Gulledge8 dagar sedan
    • I mean Jeep

      Hunter GulledgeHunter Gulledge8 dagar sedan
  • "Hey, we can be friends, with your mom." -Elanip

    Kevin ThaiKevin Thai8 dagar sedan
  • the thing is u can just leave redline that's the fastest escape ever lol

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  • Who else was vibing w that most wanted police chase music? 😏

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  • What server is that?

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  • How do they know where you are everytime??

    Terpys TreatsTerpys Treats9 dagar sedan
  • You should have used the Pontiac to destroy them I never laughed so hard poopy

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  • There so stuupid because the bathroom was downstaris

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  • 😅 i dont have a plan at all

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  • So freaking hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 😂 lol

    Jayden MckenzieJayden Mckenzie9 dagar sedan
  • at 18.20 i heard the payday 2 theme, brings memeries back

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  • Just found out he's the owner of red line rp and he breaks every single rule like yeah he's the admin buts it's bs how we can't join and do the same stuff would make the videos way more interesting

    JamiesmokestoomuchJamiesmokestoomuch10 dagar sedan
  • me: of course he is gonna get warrants

    Dimitrius Vladimir DharmaDimitrius Vladimir Dharma10 dagar sedan
  • bruh whoes this new girl shes like a female trey+opie shee gives no fucks lol

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  • I don’t like this new editor

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  • How do I get GTA roleplay?

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  • He should get revenge and get the bois like Irish treytan frank and Joey

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  • $po

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  • Mathss

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  • Dream v2???

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  • when playing put your self in passive mode they cant arrest you and cant take car or shoot you or car

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  • Did you hire a different editor for this vid

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  • Nobody him climbing a very steep stair with his hands

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  • You shouldve got Treyten to help you.

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  • so many ads wtf

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  • "Booty hunters":)

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  • 3:34 💀💀

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  • Funny video keep up the good work

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  • “Actually am driving bretty well “ next clip crashing lamp post😅

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  • u should get ur girlfriend to play with u and yall would be the power robbery couple

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  • did anyone else notice the payday 2 music through out the video.

    clashofkingsclashofkings12 dagar sedan
  • this is a Comment

    JigJig12 dagar sedan
  • 6:57 nice rp dude, you defidently wouldnt die there

    alexalex12 dagar sedan
  • That Nfs Most Wanted cop chase music in the background brought back memories brooooo❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • 6:65 Nice fail rp :D

    Recep CosgunRecep Cosgun13 dagar sedan
  • 18:32 I love the payday 2 music🤣🤣

    Eliterapter2580Eliterapter258013 dagar sedan
  • Copying Trey yet again... And yet he still have 1mil more

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  • Day 1 of trying to get famous by writing comment s

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  • Bruh that lady’s always with him I think she likes him 🤔

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  • I like how he used the payday 2 soundtrack

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  • How to drive faster, double clutching I think

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  • 3

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  • hey mom toke my phone so suk my phone

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  • Have you got a new editor

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  • if these videos werent staged it would be way better

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  • 1:45 elanip: i think we lost EM Some Guy: gotcha b!tch Hus suspension: not today Elanip: f*ck you

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  • Can i buy that camaro from you

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  • 7:32 “ok I’m climbing some stairs” 🤣🤣

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  • I would love if elinap did on those jeeps

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  • This has got to be the best edited vid by Opie

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  • Elanip. - I’m sooo smart and sharp Also Elanip. - I can’t count

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  • Pls became a real bounty hunter

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  • Sir can i ask the police car they using? or script? I want it please?

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  • Omg yes! The editor put need for speed most wanted music

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  • Sick mod Elanip

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  • Elanip you always know how to make me laugh

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  • Comment number 1000

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  • I’m pretty elevated rn if you know what I mean 😂 I laugh out loud watching this it was so funny

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  • When he says the sexy girls voice 😂 the bounty hunters where like 😑

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  • I love this game and the way you play it

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  • What gta 5 you have the premium online edition or the normal one?

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  • K

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  • K

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  • H

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  • Do a video where you can only go first person since that would look realistic and would be a challenge Rob BANKS and stuff LIKE MY COMMENT GUYS or no any way he won't see this XD

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  • Gotta love Irish 😂

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  • 17:42 embarsing

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  • Its funny how ive been watching elanip when he played with kingcam and hank he had alot of views by then but ehen his videos started to be same and boring he barely gets 500k views and the editor kinda weakens it for me cant watch 5 mins without getting headache from the weird sounds and text and swear censors then treyten has over 1 million views almost every one of his videos lol

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  • 16:23 is where the action starts...

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  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) music is playing. I love it.

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  • When you are dating a mum

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    • Her kids

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  • I kinda don’t like the sound effects

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  • 3:53 in makes me think of transformers the first one

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  • You are the world's best SEworld ever yeeeeet:)

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  • You should of thrown your tracked phone to make them lose you so you could made your escape

    bowlerwildcatGaming2016bowlerwildcatGaming201614 dagar sedan
  • 2:55 There wanse was a man from China he wasn’t a very good climber he slipped on a rock he split his crock and now he’s got a vergina

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  • did you get a new editer or just learn how to edit

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  • "I'm climbing the stairs" While climbing up a ladder"

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  • "I'm climbing some stairs atm" *proceeds to climb latter*

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  • Elanip: makes a new video Cops: ah shit here we go again Elanip: it’s all fun and games

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